On Kali Linux. When I'm running
apt -get install openssh-server openssh-client for installating SSH server, I am getting 404 only. What should I do?
Any idea anybody?

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    Outdated server-list?
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    @metamourge when I used to install SSH server earlier,this used to work. But it doesn't work on another system
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    Run apt install openssh-server openssh-client instead
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    apt-get update

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    ^ that too
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    +1 for package list update. If you don’t refresh the version changes and then you won’t be able to fetch it any more
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    Use windows. You're not ready for kali
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    update = refresh package list
    upgrade = upgrade outdated packages
    full-upgrade (recent apt versions) / dist-upgrade = More upgrades (with some details changed), it used to finalize upgrades to new distribution versions.
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    I'm getting 404 in apt update as well
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    Ya I tried that as well. And 404 is not leaving me
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    Thanks everybody. That's the power of devRant. Thanks guys
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    It's working now
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