Got fired.
3 days on the job...
Told on the interview I didn't know the machine OS but I could learn in a few days...
Well they want someone with experience on that machines I don't know...

It's like asking a Javascript programmer to work with Java...

There are more companies

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    Wtf... their 'recruiting abilities' > /dev/null.
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    Learn in a few days.. ? You can learn something in 3 days alright, but that doesn't make you an expert..
    Not sure if I'm more puzzled about your estimation or them thinking you'll really be an expert so soon.. o.O
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    Yep... I need only two weeks... But 3 days..
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    Sorry, but I don’t even expect you to have the location of the bathrooms, break room, and meeting rooms memorized for at least six months.
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    Where I live you really have to fuck up to get fired in such a short time. I don't understand companies who do this kind of shit. I hope you find something new soon.
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    What the hell is machine os?
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    @sfasu77 It's actually a GUI on top of linux, I don't even know how they can sell it, as it violates open source.
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    @GyroGearloose sorry to hear that, hope your next job is better.

    Also, selling FOSS or FOSS-derived products is not against the rules (depends on the license of course but generally it's okay with some conditions).
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    Does machine OS have GNU terminal commands? If yes you could have said yes very easily
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    @gitlog Nope, It's like software that runs on top of Linux, you can't access the Linux system in most machines. They sell it as a branded OS (like Android with Linux on the background)
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    @M1sf3t What’s the story behind that one?
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