Was hired on after my schooling was done as a web dev building a front end site. Finished, made it pretty, and was kept on to help the business build their backend inventory using a CSV file into an online catalogue.

Problem is...don't remember jack shit about PHP/SQL/anything past writing basic JS functions and pretty bullshit.

Running an apache server? No problem. Creating database schema's? Sure. Past that? I have no idea wtf I am doing, have until August to figure it out, am having major imposter syndrome, and can't walk out of this place without getting the project done. Feels very hopeless right now, though I am trying my best to learn.

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    Welcome! And 90% of my job is doing something I've never done before. It pays the bills though
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    @steaksauce It certainly has done that, but I am waiting for the day I am exposed for being some kind of fraud. Or maybe you always just feel like a fraud?
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    Its not fraud. You're a problem solver :p
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    Don't worry, technologies come and go. Keep your base solid and your jobs will be done
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    It took me years of feeling like an imposter to realise that we are all imposters.

    Never forget that consistency beats genius every day of the week. Just keep at it and keep learning and you'll soon have this project licked. Your skills will improve and you'll feel better about yourself.

    Every project teaches me something that I don't know, it's just the nature of the beast or the rules of the game. Keep at it, do Google fu, stack overflow or ask dev rant if you are stuck.

    Traversy media on you tube is brilliant for tutorials on all sorts of web technologies.

    Keep up the good fight.

    No one man can know it all.
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    The day I don't feel like an imposter (mPasta!) is the day I start looking for a new job.
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    @neoxaero My future will properly in the health care sector. Not sure if your attitude could be applied to me :D
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