Waiting till 2 hours after midnight to make sure I get <firstname>.dev in the auction.

Luckily I have wine and Youtube

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    This rant speaks to me on a personal level...

    (Also sidenote, put stuff like this under the random tag)
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    @lxmcf Will do next time! Thanks :)
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    10 minutes...
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    Just out of curosity, am just wondering what you would be doing after getting x.dev domain?? I am currently seeing the trend of people getting a domain with .dev for themselves but how is it going to be beneficial in the long run??
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    @swappy Good question! I have no professional answer for it I'm afraid.

    I honestly bought it because it's fun to have a domain like that, I currently have 3 domains linked to my VPS where I host my portfolio. I'm not a freelancer so I don't really have a need for a website for clients to find me, but I still use it to showcase my projects for the world to see.

    I now have <firstname>.dev, <fullname>.dev and m<lastname>.nl, all because I have the money and I thought it'd be fun to possess those names.

    I believe there was a discussion on another rant about .dev domains which featured a discussion about the usability of .dev domains in general.
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    Mine's still available. Benefit of having an unusual first name.
    And my full name is long enough that it probably costs half of that
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