Boss : we have to do 'task', come up with ideas.
Me: cool

Few days later...

B: we will do 'A' to accomplish the task.
M: but I have few ideas that are better.
B: Nevermind, we are doing 'A'
M: but 'A' is impossible to scale.
B: doesn't matter its only POC
M: I have better non scalable solution, which is easier and faster to Implement.
B: yeah whatever, we are doing 'A'.
B: also I am on leave next week, so take care of completing 'A'.


P. S. Was happy for few months, didn't need devrant, guess I will need vent out again.

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    If boss isn't even going to be available to provide guidance on A, then its untenable to get it done in the time allotted.

    "If you won't even be here to manage your plan, then I see no reason to follow your plan."
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    M made one mistake. Not I have ideas that are better... WE have ideas that are better. Don't you remember? WE wanted todo scalable option B...
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