I applied for two technical talks in a popular conference summit, the two talks were turned down and the reason was that they are much more technical talks than mine. I switched to watch the live stream today and all i see is a bunch of stupid talks (they decided to pick a talk on git aliases over working with change streams and multi document transactions in mongodb). A friend of mine just told me, your talk won't be accepted if you don't know any of the organizers

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    That is what it looks like tho, I'm sorry to hear mate.
    Been in a similar situation with a local tech conference where 130 stalls didn't have room for ethnical hackers but they had plenty of room for those silly promoters who give you a USB 2 flashdrive with 4gb of space :-(
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    Mongo what? I am sorry but the git topic is a topic more people would be interested to learn.
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    @hars777 do you know the content of the topic ? It was basically alias gac="git commit -m". Nothing interesting at all.
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