46 hours in.. Hope it's going to work!
What's your longest compile time?

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    Wtf? xD That isn't compile time, right? You're teaching the network, right? Right...?
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    @ScriptCoded it's compiling tensorflow from source on a pine64 (single board arm computer) and well... It's not a very fast computer let's say 😅
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    Why not compile it elsewhere, and then transfer the binaries?
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    @endor I had no idea it would take that much time. For future version I'm going to setup a cross compilation.
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    Total fucking noob here, stupid question incoming. I thought you compiled for a specific instruction set or whatever and that cross-compilation to a different architecture was, like, not possible. How does this work? Thxxx
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    @ihatecomputers you can install the right thing for your compiler to compile for a specific target. It's sometime a tedious process but it's possible!
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    @MrEliptik Cool! Sounds like blood magic to me. Well, I'll be returning to my JS dungeon now.
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    i think my longest was around 10 or 11 hours

    compiling Qt5.11 from source (both, debug and release) on some i5 4x2.4GHz (my old laptop)

    compilation failed btw
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    @Krokoklemme that's the worst when it failed like this. I feel you, I had to compile opencv , boost and qt for the rpi3... Did qt on my desktop though, otherwise it would still be waiting 😅
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    KILL MEEEEE PLZZZZ. I didn't launch the process with nohup, I lost my SSH connection... 60 hours in and now I had to restart :( :( :( I'm so dumb
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