ok that's it, I hate Gmail security. If I don't have access to my phone I can't get on my account in order to recover my phone, fuck.

I have tried to disable all of the security but it's impossible

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    I like that all of these companies are implementing 2FA, but it is in the wrong place. I take care of it myself, at the password manager level with a physical hardware key and PIN.

    Even for me, a CS/cybersecurity major, doing it right is hard, and there are still risks and vulnerabilities associated with this method. I'd love easier, more widely-available solutions for multi factor authentication that are also more secure than passwords and more convenient than per-site 2FA
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    I like it actually.

    Not because it is the best approach.

    But rather the simplest.

    No matter what, security will always be a compromise.

    Yes. You could think of many things, but either you need a gadget (Handy, Token gerade, Smartcard....) or your brain.

    Both is prone to errors.

    I use a master password / Thenticate App for my PW manager.

    Google / Android Handy and e-mail with 2FA.

    If smartphone is fried, it takes 2 days to recover.

    Everythings fine. :)
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    Note to self: print recovery codes and store in hideout.
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