Trying to reach a spam score lower than 4 with my HTML emails is the worst time I have ever had while developing.

Go fuck yourself, horrible email standards.
Go fuck yourself Gmail, for blocking images.
Go fuck yourself, conflicting standards.

This shit is just an absolute shit show.

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    HTML emails suck. Remote loading images not only sucks, but is also a privacy issue, which is why any decent email client will block this shit.
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    @Fast-Nop I get that, but it is a bit annoying to not be able to simply display a logo.
    When I pass it along as Base64, the email would take way longer to render in the first place.
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    @Fast-Nop Oh, by the way.
    Do you think this looks remotely acceptable?
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    @PrivateGER 1) sending passwords over email?

    2) how are you even able to do that - are you storing the password server-side?
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    I unfortunately have to do it this way.
    The password is used to log in once and has to be changed afterward immediately.

    The email is sent by a script reading a CSV file (the school DB), generating a Laravel-compliant user, sending the email you see and storing the user in the database.

    The actually stored passwords are hashed with bcrypt.
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    @PrivateGER I see - though usually, users type in their own password right upon registration.

    There's a usability issue: never underline anything that is not a link. Even more confusingly, the actual link at the end isn't underlined. Same for the colour - if you use links without underline, then don't colour any other text. You can use bold font weight for emphasis (italics are difficult to read).

    Oh, and "sie", "ihr", "ihren" and "ihnen" have to be "Sie", "Ihr", "Ihren" and "Ihnen" in this context. And "im Folgenden". :-)
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah, this is a school project I'm doing for a better grade.

    The website is supposed to be school-internal.
    Currently, the system for parents' consultation day is a literal pile of garbage, there's a ton of paper wasted, etc.

    Because of this, I received a copy of the school DB. Every student has a predictable email, so I use that way of distributing their accounts.

    Just pushed the fixed spelling.
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    I can understand the desire for html emails. I really can. but email was not originally designed for it. it's only a matter of time before html SMS.

    unless you really need html, please just dont. use mutt for a day or two, and you will understand.
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    @PrivateGER I'm sorry, but you got a literal copy of the entire production database o.O ?!
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    @alexbrooklyn I exactly had the same thought. What the fuck did the teachers think?
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    @Wombat GDPR out of the window I guess
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    @alexbrooklyn no one cares about this beyond devs and lawers.
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    @Wombat I totally agree with you

    At my school they share final grades in an Excel sheet, not with the name of a student but with the student number for anonymity

    And you can look up the details of a student with the studentnumber in another sheet...
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    @alexbrooklyn It's not a full DB. I have the names, the ID of classes they take and had to sign an NDA.
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    @PrivateGER ah ok, do you also use the prod db in development or only in prod?
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    @alexbrooklyn I have the original DB for prod, but I have created a test DB using faker for dev.
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    @PrivateGER Ah nice, I use faker too :)
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