I received the following e-mail today:
Hey, XYZ! Could you please check the following in your web application. The data do not show correctly. Could it be a bug?
[insert attached screenshot with said "bug"]

My reply:
Hey, ABC! It is not a bug. You uploaded the data into the wrong table. 😊
[insert attached screenshot with the incriminating evidence]
I felt a bit savage and I liked it. 🔥

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    but why savage? seems like a rather nice customer to me. He wrote a proper mail and even added a Screenshot and all in a polite manner.
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    Not savage enough.

    Being told to submit a web mock-up design using fax, thats savage.

    Or being scolded thru the phone, in the middle of the nite, by a client, becoz a button didnt work when he try to click and navigate around the website. It was a jpeg mockup. Thats, hardcore.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon He has access to the data, so he could have checked himself before sending me the e-mail. As I am busy with another project, I had to be quick in looking his issue and replying, which might not be very polite. Also it takes about an hour when I usually write/reply, so I can choose proper wording and tone. 😅
    @faizalheesyam That's around the top of the savage scale! Luckily nothing similar has happened to me so far!
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    @Qaldim 😂😂😂 #clientFromHell
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