Good thing my last internship left me: the love for automating things.

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    I'm guessing this comment was a result of a successful CI pipeline? :)
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    @theKarlisK No, it's about automating tests that for many reasons can't be included in the CI pipeline.

    I was in the testing team. In the early days, people used to permutate tens of API parameters that resulted in hundreds of testing scenarios which are then manually executed. This is done for tens of items per sprint.

    Then someone from the dev team helped us by developing custom automation script for executing those tests by reading scenarios from spreadsheets. Of course, people still need to compose spreadsheets for tens of items in every sprint.

    I was tasked to develop another script to generate those spreadsheets. It did its job pretty well albeit not very efficient algorithmically. But who cares?

    Never in my life have i been so satisfied.
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    @EventEmitter I was making a half-assed joke how you could've automated posting rants at this point because of how much you love automating things. :)
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    @theKarlisK Haha sorry! Didn't see that.
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