How it feels holding the power button when the pc freezes

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    I like the little tzhuuuuuh sound the harddrive makes when it stops spinning.
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    @rozzzly Mine does *blp blp blp*... Like on the pic
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    "Shhhh it will all be over soon."
    * cries internally *
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    @Letmecode looks like its from the 50s or 60s. I hope it's intended to show the woman washing the kids hair because otherwise, dude thats pretty fucked.
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    Haha, that is a supercreepy picture
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    wtf, in what context does this picture fit?

    "Did you give birth to a girl? No problem, drown her and try again!?"

    Because most certainly you don't wash you kids hair by diving him head first into a bathtub.
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    Shhh...only dreams now
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    "Go, the fuck, to sleep"
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    @orijin birth control propaganda campaign? :p
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    The artist drew a left hand there but corrected it by drawing a thumb 😂
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    I once saw a guy stared intently at his laptop while holding the power button, then whisper "Shhhh... it's okay... sleep, sweet prince" to it. I can't look at it the same way ever again.
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