Friday, I got a mail from my PM shortly before I wanted to leave. Basically it was, hey can you check out whether this issue [which I hadn't even heard about] is somehow related to our system? Meeting is in one hour.

My answer: I guess not, otherwise I'd have been in the loop much earlier than one hour before the meeting.

I shut down the PC like a boss and went into weekend.

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    God. Damned. Right.
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    Is that "Like a boss"? Ghee.. I do that all the time but never thought it's "like a boss". I mean I do my 8 hours/day and whatever issues there are - they are no longer my problems. Not until next working day at least. Never considered that to be... Bald. Just sensible
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    Send tasks without advice before leaving = till next day broh!
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    The correct way to make it not OK for him to leave just then, as he had planned, would be to say something like, "there is a sev-1, and we need you to represent our team." Anything else, and a lack of representation is the PM's fault.

    Applicable quote:

    "A lack of planning and preparation on your part does not equal an emergency on mine."
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    Wish I could do that without fourteen thousand seven hundred and fifty three escalations on my within an hour of the mail being sent on a Friday after 8PM.
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    Yes you have the right to do so. But think about the opportunity of having them owing you a favor.

    Either way, you didn't do anything wrong.
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    I imagine the same last minute demands happening in my previous job. The client would request for weekend resources on a Friday night and my manager can't say no. These days, I talk directly to the client's CTO and he is quite a reasonable man. Our conversation goes like this when he adds a new requirement:

    Him: "Do you think you can finish the application today?"
    Me: "I don't think so. I'm still working on such and such so I haven't touched the new requirement yet."
    Him: "Okay. Try to finish it tomorrow."

    I still have a manager but she's in a different location and we only talked on my first day. I work directly with the client and I feel that it's better because there's no one in the middle. No one to forget that something has to be done and communicates it last minute.
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    @vlatkozelka it wouldn't be regarded as favour. Instead, the learning process would be that it's OK to schedule nonsense on a Friday afternoon. Before I can do the owing favour move you suggested, people need to understand that it even would be a favour.
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    @rutee07 yeah better implementing one thing at a time and making it right that botching up multiple things at once. ;-) Also, it saves a lot of time when the client wants something and you can directly discuss possible impact on other functionality.
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    @Fast-Nop exactly :)

    You need to not be afraid to make such a point.
    Anyway I'm not telling you to do anything, just suggesting. It all depends on the situation.
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