Am I missing something here? Or did moment forget how to math?

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    Hahaha... As a colleague just pointed out... Daylight savings is a thing here
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    Time is difficult.
    Very, very difficult.

    Humans make it worse.
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    @bohr DST strikes again
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    Make sure the day actually starts at 0
    Pretty sure it only does on a 24h clock
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    @Root and we usually don't even take time dilations into account
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    @electrineer I read an article explaining why time is so bloody difficult to do correctly, and after a list of like 50 very valid reasons and edge cases, it concluded with that particular one: a spaceship orbiting a black hole. I have no idea how I'd handle that. Time is relative, after all, so there is no way to detect that without a network connection or some very good sensors and object tracking.

    (I looked for the article but was unable to find it.)
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