When he teaches wrong so you correct him
* humble *

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    No chance at all!
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    Actually we are learning C in school now. Only reason im on this class is that teacher needs a second hand.
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    @Haxk20 Can't say I understand, but I imagine that living with just one hand is hard
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    @jhondoe i mean she needs help with some harder code. Not that she has 1 arm ffs.
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    The amount of incompetent profs is too damn high
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    @Haxk20 :) I just couldn't resist to joke about that
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    me me big boy did exactly that (veeery humble, @mishaor)
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    i did the 3rd one and he was just pretending to be confused and ignored my advice
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    i've made corrections to other people's professor's code.
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    I didn't "correct" my professors code - but I may or may not have insulted code samples provided as "clunky and inefficient." 🙃
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