That moment, when you waste 4h looking for a bug and realize that there is a missing ';'.

That moment, in that instant, you want just a hug from your mom/dad saying you are a good boy and will reach the top.

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    You're a good boy but you'll never reach the top unless you embrace a decent IDE
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    @Robinha it was just a joke dude xD i will reach the top, someday :(
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    I believe in you, you programming superstar! 😁💫 (I've totally been there before too. Last week. But in my defense the IDE complained about something else entirely unrelated!)
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    my most somehow related experience was windows having inserting an invisible character shit without my knowledge in a source file, and the compiler shitting his pants at a totally normal looking C code.

    was kinda like BOM on php files .. 2 days of nightmare to find it works only when retyping it
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    Error reporting says hi
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    scar your buddies for life with a greek semicolon, it looks exactly like a regular semicolon, it just doesn't compile
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    something = x;

    instead of:
    something = y;

    This messed up my perlin noise function completely. Took me days to find out that my calculations weren't actually wrong, as my IDE doesn't actually see it as an error. ;(
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