"Debugging's actaully all about finding the bug, about understanding why the bug was there to begin with, about knowing that it's existence was no accident.It came to you to deliver a message."

-Elliot, Mr. Robot

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    Yea... When you listen closely to a SegFault, it says "fuck u" :D
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    * its existence

    Pay attention. Mr. Robot is not some illiterate bastard.
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    I wish you added the part about bugs being a subconscious bubble that rose to the top with the intention of telling us something about ourselves. Much love for Mr. Robot. <3
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    That's exactly the quote that made me spit on my TV and stop watching the show! Couldn't handle as much intellectual masturbation.
    A bug is definitely an accident you stupid, unless the very few that are left them on purpose but it's more a hack than a bug then. It carries no other message than "fix me" and, depending on the case maybe "fuck you".
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    @hiestaa I don't remember but I read this somewhere whose gist is -

    Every bug is caused due to an incorrect assumption. It was your perception of the reality that was flawed whose error you now see in the bug.

    I don't think bugs are accidents. Yeah sometimes they are but mostly it is because we took some incorrect assumption and the bug was caused. I have applied this theory and checked for my assumptions before even coding the project in my internship's last week. My manager later even called me and congratulated me for that project when they showcased it at an event after two weeks my internship was over.

    The bugs existence was deceased due to me checking my assumptions.

    Bugs are no accident sir.
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    @Batdroid well if I understand you well, bugs happened when you accidentally assumed something wrong. I'm totally OK with that but it's still an "accident": by definition" an undesirable, incidental and unplanned event that could have been prevented [...]" (source wikipedia)
    I'm not saying that your point of view is wrong. Actually I will follow your advise of minding my assumptions. What I'm saying is that a bug is a bug, a problem, an unexpected behavior, definitely not a good fit for metaphorical or metaphysical digression.
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    @hiestaa Can we 'accidentally' assume something? In my opinion an assumption is always binary - either 0 or 1.
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    @Batdroid the bug isn't the false assumption, the bug is the unexpected event that occurs when a false assumption (that you weren't aware of) is broken.
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