It doesn't phase me anymore man.

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    No gps: use wifi
    No wifi: use mobile data
    No mobile data: use cellular network
    No cellular network: take a guess based on time of day and known travelling patterns(AI)
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    'turns on incognito'
    Google: fuck we lost him
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    @fuckwit *failed to change ip in incognito*

    Incognito mode: you can’t hide from me!
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    @C0D4 alternatively it probably caches the location your gps was last on and keeps serving reports for that location, weather is region based so you can travel a good distance and from your last known location (like your housr) and still get accurate reports
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    Even if you're not connected or turn off wifi it can still get a hint where you are by looking at the wifi networks around you. Not sure tho if plane mode disables wifi network queries 🤔
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    Watch the movie Ex Machina
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    @KushagraKarira nah. Seems like a tin foil hat circle jerk movie and that's not my cup of tea lol
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