T(x, y)=x*(1+y/100)+√-1
x = hours estimated from Boss. if the boss
y = sum of the features with the following weight:
Multiplatform = 10
Web = 5
social * = 100
blockchain = 100
HTML-email = 10
Every other bullshit bingo term = 20
everything else = 1
Terms that appear multiple times count multiple times.
If the boss didnt give his estimate triple the feature-value and use 100 as x-value

  • 3
    This seem... Complex !
  • 1
    @Marethyun is that the punchline? It's complex?
    Otherwise I don't get it why i is in there..
  • 3
    Its an joke with imaginary numbers. You cant make an power of an number to create an negative number. The rest is also bullshit.
    -1 *-1 == 1* 1
  • 1
    @DataJockey like @stop said, sqrt(-1) is a complex number, so the whole formula is complex, whence my joke.
  • 1
    @Marethyun i know. It's called i at least here in Germany.
    Now I get it and it's funny. =)
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