In our company the estimation is done by customer / PO. Usually, the deadline is set to the day before yesterday after the issue arrived. Always highest prio.

Oh, almost forgot: when a developer does his estimations, the resulting number gets divided by 7 by the PMs. Buffers? Who needs that. QA? Pfff. We are EFFICIENT.
Deadline not met? Bugs in the release? The developer must be bad.

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    @sciobotaru on my way out :) last month for me (3months notice)
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    @irene one month is required by german law, more is handled via contract. Nothing illegal here :(
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    @irene I agree. Well, I could have proposed an annulation contract (THE thing in Germany to avoid long notice), but the success rate is pretty low as both parties have to agree.
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    The PM cutting dev estimates by half is a standard, I've seen it so much that at the end I wasn't even getting angry.. I would double my hours knowing they would divide it anyway.

    But divide by seven! Mate go out of this hell ! 🎃
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    @atroxi well, the 7 is just an arbitrary number as an example :P

    But you got the point. The PMs cut a lot. A colleague got one week for a task he estimated with at least one month.
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    Estimate * 7?
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    @irene Two weeks is standard courtesy here in the states. There is no legal minimum for notice periods.
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    "No, Roger. When I estimate it at four weeks, I mean four weeks."
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