what do you do when you have no tasks in work time?

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    YouTube 🤷
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    If I’m in the mood, then learn some new stuff
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    Work on side projects or learn something just to look busy
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    - Refactoring that everyone knows has to be done, but it's never scheduled

    - Update documentation

    - Read that pile of books that's been growing for a few years already
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    Usually I just get new tasks 🙄
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    side project, sidetrack into that, forget what i was doing, get asked what am i doing right now, get small heart attack
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    Let's trade lives. 😠
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    It's hard to keep myself disciplined since I'm alone in the office most of the time. I can literally watch porn and fap in my cubicle as long as I position myself away from the CCTV. I'd usually hang around devRant for some time then try to learn new things online, learn Indonesian on Duolingo, or test my code like a mad man.
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    1.) Review my current task
    2.) Review to see if there in fact pending tasks
    3.) Look thoroughly for tasks
    4.) Free time
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    Trying to look busy. Basically I use that time to learn something new or practice. I have a lot of eBooks in my backlog.
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    @rutee07 what if that CCTV is a misdirection and there are hidden cams around you. Which are live streaming all your activities on dark webs. And that's your boss's main income.
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    Grab a book and use that time to learn something new: if your boss isn't happy with that, tell him you'll be more efficient with next time, if your boss is happy with that, be happy with that, everybody gonna be happy!
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    @cursee Too late. I already have a camera inside my uterus pointed at my cervix and it's live streaming on Live Leak.
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    We have bunch of NTH (nice to have) or WGT (when we got time) issues on our gitlab so I pick one and start to casually work on it.
    Usually these issues are about some trivial new functionality or refactoring parts if older code.
    Also, when I'm like super bored or not in the mood of diving into something I just fuck around on devrant/reddit/slashdot/hackernoon/etc.
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    @rutee07 that's a very niche market :3
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    I'd sneak my way home depending what !
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    @rutee07 I want your fap stream from work XD
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    I used to wander through other departments and help folk with their problems.

    Good way to understand how the entire business works, and spot areas that could do with improvement.

    Helps to carry a toolkit, in case you come across say, some fire doors that have fallen off their hinges and you think its a good idea to fix them, rather than wait for the maintenance department to maybe fix them next month.

    Just so you don't burn to death the next time someone creates a fire by accident. :-)
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    I've never worked at a company that didn't have stuff that needed to be done.
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    Good joke! :D
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    I'm reminded a previous place I worked, where as a manager entering my new role, I discovered there was nothing that needed to be done, apparently, according to the previous manager..

    Yet, when I left, there was still pending 1,000 to 3,000 items to be fixed..

    Maybe I just like finding work to do. :-)

    But I found, every little thing I made better, improved productivity, staff moral, and reduced work time, such that folk could sit around a bit at times, and not have to rush around like headless chickens to try and just catch up with last weeks workload.

    So in my department, they would sit on their comfy chairs, eating salmon sandwiches and drinking champagne (Left overs from upper management meetings..) whilst waving at folk in other departments who had none of those luxuries. :-)
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    Premature optimization with YouTube on the side
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