Code Spirit Animal:

What is yours and why?

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    Mine should be obvious, Monkey. Why: I smash my keyboards like a savage monkey while coding
  • 8
    A flying spaghetti monster. I'll let you guess
  • 3
    Johnny Sins, an all-around animal.
  • 2
    @steaksauce I sincerely hope it’s about the meatballs and not spaghetti code
  • 9
    Dung beetle:

    I have to deal with bullshit everyday.
  • 1
    Cockroach. Just like a ruggedized bug on speed. (and hard to find - good at hiding)
  • 1
  • 0
    @steaksauce Sorry couldn't help myself xD
  • 2
  • 1
    Zombie whale. Big, slow(ish), rotten and wants to eat developer brains.
  • 4
    Cat. Always sleepy, always trying to clean my code after myself, and if bosses will get moody I’ll throw a glass outta of the table as protest (kidding about the last part, but still I’ve had broken a considerable amount of mugs and cups at previous work by accident)
  • 1
    Wild boar, one of the most dangerous animals in a german forest.
  • 0
    PANDA .. too lazy to finish...
  • 1

    They stopped making them a while ago..
  • 0
    Meerkat...Always curious to try new frameworks and never likes sticking to one technology or framework for long time
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