I hate doing estimates, but I had to adapt. Since I work remotely and under contract, I'm used to track my time and estimate by hours.

I did a lot of mistakes before, which means I worked for free to wrap up fixed price projects.

Today, the method that is working best for me is:
1) positive estimate
2) most likely estimate
3) worst case estimate
Sum up and divide by 3.
I do this for every task.
Also, for Web projects, I like to divide tasks in categories like: HTML / CSS, UX, programming, testing.

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    You're so average 😂😉
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    @h4xx3r made me laugh a bit, ++
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    Good idea!

    My boss sometimes asks me about my estimate about a new project. The first few times I always said way lass than he estimated so he started to double my estimates 😅
    Nowadays it's much better. We mostly match within ±1 hour.
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    I need to come up with an estimate for my 1st freelance project soon. I guess your method will come in handy.

    If the estimate seems to be too low, I'll probably just skip the 'divide by 3' part. :P
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