Are Stickers in a chat application just files stored on a server?

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    I’m pretty sure you need to download them to your device
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    they're practically just images mapped to emojis
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    @Krokoklemme But emojis are Unicode characters. I don't think stickers are like characters. Probably they are just images with names into the app and when you send it the receiver will download it if doesn't have a local copy. If the receiver has the image stored then just display the local one and reject the download.
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    @LuxARTS yeah, no shit? but that's an implementation detail

    i want trying to give a complete explanation, just a (very) rough overview
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    its kind of emoj_sticker_map like this :

    in client side :
    {emoji_code => @,
    has_stickers => true,
    does_user_want_to_use_sticker_insteadOf_emoji=> true,
    is_stickerspack_downloaded=> yes,
    sticker_pack_name=> "",
    emoji_sticker_name => "",
    emoji_address => ""

    in Server Side :
    sticker_packs_name => "",
    stickers_collection_name_in_pack => [] ;
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