Boss: Great news, we are getting another backend dev from another team to help us out.

Me: Cool, hopefully we don’t have the same trouble as the others, not replying, never writing anything down etc.

Boss: No, I’ve worked with her before. She’s much more passionate about doing things right, using best practices and all that stuff.

Me: Oh that’s perfect, great news!

Boss: Yep! ... just be aware she has a tendency to get very easily confused. She delivers the wrong thing from time to time and might need to redo stuff semi-regularly.

Me: ... ... ...

Boss: It’ll all work out. Don’t worry. Ok gotta run.

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    On a scale from zero to ten how confused are you?


    No between zero and ten


    How confused?

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    @JackToolsNet I lol'd so hard at this
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    @irene it’s actually already happened. I shit you not this is the conversation I just had:

    Me: so she’s saying we now have 2 login API’s. One for user type A and one for user type B. This is not what we agreed.

    Boss: I sat with her and explained this. I’m pretty sure she did it the right way and the new API is for all users.

    Me: ...... but she’s saying the exact opposite.

    Boss: yeah but I drew it out on a whiteboard for her and explained it. I’m sure she did it right. She’s just telling you the wrong thing

    I feel like I’m on the fucking Truman show and somewhere all you fuckers are laughing at me
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    Made me day. You Sir, are my hero! You suffer, but live to share those epic stories with us.
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    @practiseSafeHex check if she is actually confused or just pretending to be so that she can get out of doing work.

    See if she confuses everyday stuff or just the work stuff.
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    @irene @HoloDreamer I don’t think this is the case, but each to their own. I don’t know what’s going on between colleagues in their spare time. She’s in another country so I’ve very little insight.

    I just can’t fucking believe this. The new API has added a value that was suppose to be on a different one. And the Enum we requested has a different string value for one of the cases.

    How is this possible and why ... dear fucking god ... why me again
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    @practiseSafeHex you really should write a book and get somehow rewarded for everything they put you through.

    Or at the very least a blog with a patreon option
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    Well, I suddenly feel more inspired to do job applications...
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    @rutee07 I feel bad now...

    @practiceSafeHex maybe take inputs from boss yourself and then assign it to new hired person

    Or maybe via someone who is at the moment mentoring the newly hired

    Well idk much about such situations but give her the reasoning for doing what you are asking and then she'll understand better
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    @rutee07 for the new hired like these

    Maybe it's generally because improper training when one got into the field?

    Anyways, the pre existing people may always help the new ones
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    @practiseSafeHex she'll fit right in with you mate! ;)
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    @jespersh oh, low blow during a very difficult time ha
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    "Best practices and stuff" - Probably writing very good code but missing a semicolon from time to time and rewriting whole parts because of that error. (Please just ignore the existance of IDEs for the sake of this joke, I know it's bad)
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