I really think DevRant should change "Comment" buttons to "//" or "/**/", or something in that fashion. That would fit well with the increments and decrements :)

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    I don't think all people could understand this tho
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    @devTea /* Comment */ maybe?
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    @squid Hell, even <!-- Comment --> would make sense :)
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    That's just bad UX.
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    If they can't understand that /* Comment */ actually says "Comment," they're a brainless idiot and will likely forget how to breathe at one point and suffocate -- much to the benefit of everyone around them.
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    @Root er what’s a com..mm..en..ty? 🤪

    If you did // or /**/ what do we do about the VB devs who still use ‘
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    And while we're at it they should make the new post button a +=
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    @Alice poor python devs lol
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    I get the fact that people wouldn't understand it, but I'm still really into the idea that it could be really interesting :)

    We just have to find a way that will please everybody, or don't do anything at all.

    About the language differences, (as far as I know) not every language uses ++ and -- as shortcuts (please correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know all of them), so they'd have to make a choice between #, /**/, or //.

    Just throwing it out there, but how about "// @Comment" ? That could very well work in my opinion.
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    @peacWhis I think if you're adding a rant to the array of rants then += would make sense.

    The edit button should just be a link to which you should should send an HTTP PATCH request :v
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    It could be a setting so that anyone can select it's preferred comment style :
    /* */
    <!-- -->
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    @Root if they can't get /* comment */ they shouldn't be here.
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    The comment style should be changeable in settings.
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    @oscarascal A combobox when you sign up that is also located in the settings that says "How do you comment your code?" (with \\ as the first option)
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    Here is a feature request for it. Feel free to add on.

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    I didn't think this small of an idea would gain steam this quickly ^^
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    @inaba Or rather "What is your preferred language?"

    Based on the language you get the correct comment style, increment style and any other language specific need jokes we can add to a UI 🤓
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    @Hakash ehhh.. need = nerd in previous comment 😒
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    A blank button would be language independent
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    @Alice In our hood we do += 1 instead
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    Think about the dramatic surge in commented code if such a feature gets implemented
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    @Root The users here rarely fail to amuse me.
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    How about a geek mode that can be toggled much like dark mode
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