Fuck css in js

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    Fuck 'em both!
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    I agree and vote for going back to using only plain ASCII characters. No HTML/CSS/JS. Only parsing focus on newlines. Think how much our lives would be simpler 💁‍♂️
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    @myss exactly! Elinks/lynx/curl-ready websites ftw!
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    @netikras also fuck pictures and vision! light fucking sucks and eyes are disturbing and fucking uncomfortable to look at!
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    @mishaor now you get it!
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    @myss You would LOVE what I'm working on right now!
  • 0
    *shutter* It's like there was shit inside my shit.. like some kind of shit inception
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    Try js in css!
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    @netikras man fuck thinking and being conscious over all. Just gives me anxiety, depression and an existential crisis. Sub-cellular life forms ftw!
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