what was the first Rant in devrant? 🤔
I mean, how the first user(s) was convinced to use devrant if he opens it and finds the timeline empty?

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    "Fuck this shit, there's nobody here!"
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    @rutee07 active today? 🙃
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    @irene Yeah, I'm stuck in goddamn traffic. Good luck getting home. -_-
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    maybe @dfox can answer this question, if possible 😊
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    @rutee07 traffic on islands? O.o never thought that is a possibility
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    I can't find the link now, but it was kind of a test in prod ;-)
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    @irene We have roads, you know. As for the traffic extremity, you'll be very surprised. :D
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    @rutee07 how much people live in your city?
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    I can only go back to this guy

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    I’m pretty sure it was this one: https://devrant.com/rants/489/...
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    @dfox very cool.
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    @dfox so I wonder how first users found devrant interesting? because when I found it, it was already with many users
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    "Yes, @matosha, this is the oldest post!"
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    @lazyDev maybe they went Reddit route and made a bunch of fake posts from different usernames to make it look like there was activity? I mean that's what I would do myself anyways.

    Fake it till you make it.
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    @lazyDev it was semi interesting, rants had more meaning and the memes didn’t really exist, or the handful that were around were relatable.
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    "fuck it, no one will ever read this, let's rant around"
    oh boy was he wrong
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    As someone writing their own social media platform, this also interests me on how to kick things off.

    I guess it reminds me in a way of several Facebook groups I run.

    One, has hundreds of users, and has grown over time.

    Others, barely a dozen users, and don't grow..

    So.. why the difference I ask myself ?

    Well, the popular one, is based on a real product that exists, whilst the others are based on a product yet to exist...

    So, maybe just it existing is enough for people to join..

    The old, build it and they will come line.
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    Long anwer: You will not get the answer to this question from the source :D But there is more or less a standardized way to fix this problem.

    This is the same problem with any social platform, and especially dating sites.

    You either use bot accounts, and dial them down as the real traffic kicks in, or at the bare minimum organize a bunch of people to post on your platform, and then advertise and get traffic.

    Short answer: Bot accounts or organized posting.
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    > organize a bunch of people to post on

    > your platform

    I'm reminded of some sites, that when I post, traffic increases by 2%..
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    > either use bot accounts, and dial them down

    > as the real traffic kicks in

    I do have an interest in AI..

    But is it ethical to do that ?
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    We encouraged a few friends to post, then bought some ad traffic. It wasn't much to start, but people got the idea and posted their own content
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    Any thoughts on the minimum number of bot + friends you need posting to encourage others to do so ?

    10 ?

    100 ?

    1,000 ?
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    I'm reminded of a forum I ran for a while, that started with just me.

    After several years, there was still just me posting..

    Well, when I say just me, I mean, just me, and about 500+ spam porn posts a day I had to clean from the forum..

    This rather put me off using other peoples forum software because no matter which I used, there was always security holes that spammers would find to exploit and cause you to spend hours deleting their spam..
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    Over the years I have ran several communities around games. I have discovered that there are two steps that are important to cross.
    First is 10 active users. It apparently validates your existence to others.
    Second 20 active users (and having concurrent active users around 10), after that people find you organically and things just grow.

    It ha always been struggle to get that ten people, if I start alone. But if I collect that ten initially, and then launch, it goes fast and smooth.
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