So i want to build a desktop app for some of my colleagues and me. Unfortunately, we all have different operating systems.

What are your suggestions for cross-plattform (Linux, MacOS, Windows) desktop develeopment? Besides js or js-frameworks.

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    Python / java
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    If you are ok with lgpl or paying for a proprietary license, Qt. https://qt.io
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    c/c++ and sfml
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    Obviously the answer is https://ultralig.ht/
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    For real, it's a solution that you can get a fui working pretty easy. Depending on what you want to do you can have the computation on another language (tkinter) or in Tcl.

    *"But Tcl is old and dead!" your cries goes... Not at all! It's one of the main languages used in EE tools (I'm thinking FPGA and other automation tools)
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    https://build-system.fman.io seems to be getting traction (i know 2 shits about it though, just found it)
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    @inaba I'll be honest, that js in c++ style seems a bit terrifying...
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    I dont really see a disadvantage to something like electron except for humongous package size. But i guess most often thats not all that important if its 10mb or 100mb :/
    Or is it? I use electron-vue and im really happy with it
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    @irene Yar it's also on my bucket list since it seems like a pretty cool way to make UI with
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    @irene I'd rather call it different :-) it's quite different from C relatives and seems to have a hint of lisp...

    It's actually one of the languages I want to learn better
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