The state of informatics education is just saddening.
You study "Software Development" and then you get to do exams asking you to do some basic linux commands - with full internet access on a computer. People are allowed to fail this and study on. On the other hand you have to do real coding with pen and paper, have to calculate from hex to bin to dec and stuff and most Importantly - know about all kinds of math stuff completely unreleated to cs.
Graph Theory absolutely makes sense in my eyes, but not if it's plain fucken math without even mentioning computers or applications of it. But if you fail that everyone looks weird at you.

I know about coding. I got A's and B's in all the coding exams _without even doing much for them_ but then fail all the fucken math exams. Makes no sense. FML.

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    Hello me, how are you?
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    i hope theres a school that doesnt follow these same mistakes
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    Math is a great tool to write better code. Also modern ai is heavily based on calculus so it is useful even if you can't see it yet
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    @nik123 42 ;) (it's actually a school)
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    I feel you. However I do not agree with you. I have the same struggles but then again, I see the need for math. You can't reason about crypto without some basic understanding of group theory. Good luck building a ray tracer without linear algebra. And so on. Sure if all you want to do is "use" code and not write cool new stuff, then knowing the APIs of your prefered language and framework is sufficient. If not, unfortunately you need a basic understanding of math to solve your problems.
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    If you fail at math then you should be ashamed to event post this.
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    @Khepu @Wack I'm doing frontend and backend development for enterprise for multiple years now and I was perfectly fine without some useless formulas from automata theory.

    The problem is more or less how math is taught. Basic algebra is fine. AI uses simple extrema and stuff like that, no big deal. I would love to see the concepts being taught used in my domain like actually write a regex parser with automata theory. Use the things being told in graph theory. And most importantly: don't sell Statistica/Probability as the most important thing in the world by saying everything is non-deterministic. A fucken computer doesn't know about probabilities.

    Also the focus shouldn't be on math. People visiting this know how to calculate crazy stuff but are too stupid to write some simple shit in _any_ language.

    Stop pretending math is a must. I can google "linear regression online tool" exactly like i can google "ls hidden files" or "c socket".
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    Of course you can write everything as a pretty formula with all kinds of pretty symbols but you won't be able to input them to your computer..
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    @nitwhiz agree with the additional data.
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