My current situation:

Manager: How is Project A coming? Project A is top priority. I would like to see a PR today with fixes to the current tickets.

Me: Project A is priority! Sure!

*after 2hours*

Manager: How is project B coming along? I did not see any PR’s coming in?

Me: I am working on project A as it is priority.

*after 1 hour*

Manager: How is project C coming? There is one ticket pending. We need a fix for it today asap!

Me: Starts project C as project A would take more time. Starts Work on project C.

*after 1 hour*

Boss: How is project A coming? Where is the PR?

Me: As you said you need a fix for project C today, i started working on project C as it has only 1 ticket to be fixed.

Boss: I told you project A is priority, why are you working on project C?

Me: *doesn’t reply*

*after 1 hour*

Boss: There is a ticket pending in project D. Did you make a fix for it?

*This is my usual day at work.

*I am the only developer in my current company. It’s not a software development company.

*Note: I do complete all the work and create PR’s for all “pending” work at the end of the day for all projects and leave for home at around 10pm :)

What do you think? Lol

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    I think it's time to look fur a new employer. This is an employees market right now, and companies are hiring tech just to have them, even if they don't actually have work for them. That's insane, but there you have it.
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    Screw that.
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    Been there done that. Everything is a priority 🤓
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    He's totally fucked in the brains. Shouldn't you find anything better?
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    I think is time for hard talk, they either stop that shit or you quit.
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    If you can get the fuck out, close devrant, sign out of your workstation, access the method of conveyance you use to commute to work, and get loaded.

    If you can't do any of the above, schedule a meeting with your boss, preferably first thing. Tell him he's bullying and abusing you. That you are an adult. And to leave you the fuck alone to do your job. I find that hitting bullies on the head when they don't expect it can broadside them.
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    Yup. Quit. That ass has no clue and doesn't deserve your efforts
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