Fuck Apple’s auto renewal garbage. Purchased an app a year ago that I haven’t used in months, auto renewal was enabled by default and I got charged with no warning or notification. So fucking scammy and pathetic. Every subscription service I’ve used in the past would at least warn me ahead of time when my subscription was about to expire and that I would be charged, even when I’ve explicitly enabled auto-renewal. Not Apple though, such a garbage piece of shit company.

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    Why didn't you uninstall the application you don't use?
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    @irene You still get charged for subscriptions even if you have the app uninstalled, which is ridiculous. Also, I have quite a few apps on my phone and sometimes just happen not to uninstall an app 🤷‍♂️
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    @52cal oh... That I did not know, because I don't use apple at all.
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    I’ve never had a subscription that warned me before renewing. They renew silently, but there’s usually a grace period when you can get a refund.
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