So a friend of mine paid someone to develop a website for his business (holiday lets, property management and cleaning) and the developer has started up a competing business taking all the content from his site and other local info sites, holiday let sites ect and putting up them up on his site. Sounds like the guys a bit of a cunt to me giving us a bad name, thoughts?

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    Most likely sue, but IANAL.
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    That is what contracts are for. Which would cover you for this. No contract it is difficult to sue. If you commission work you should as for a contract.
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    I did ask if he had a contract but just an invoice. It was supposed to be a mate of his 🤦‍♂️ I suggested at least filing a take down notice where he has used his photos and going to look over his site later and see if he has done anything untoward, it certainly doesn’t come up in the search results like it used to
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    I would call The A-Team
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