Found this on mastodon:

I sometimes imagine that somewhere there must be a Ministry for Messing Up the Internet. It would be like a Monty Python sketch.

Each day a new idea would arrive in the intray of an official who looks like a young John Cleese. They would form a large pile of papers.

[reads] "Make a protocol so complicated that nobody can understand it. No the Sematic Web has already been tried".

[reads] "Ban all the cat photos for spurious copyright reasons. No, we already have an upload filter in progress to do that".

[reads] "Fill Tim Berners-Lee's socks with elephants. No - much too silly."

"Ah yes, [reads] make a giant man in the middle that everything on the internet has to go through like a sausage machine and get squirted out on the other side, hopefully in the correct order. Bernard, get Cloudflare on the phone immediately."


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