Lately I've been feeling really demotivated to work on my own personal dev project and its been like this for weeks now. I really don't know how to change that 😣

So I want to find out what motivates you to work on your own dev projects? 😊

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    Literally it takes me having something else that I can ignore.

    House a mess? I think I'll do my project.

    Need to work on something else, even for work? I think I'll do my project
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    Honestly I haven't done any side projects for years, I once reached the same point as you have. Nowadays I am happy to separate my professional from my personal and private life and I am no longer disappointed of myself.

    I know that this will not help you, but life goes on anyway 😉
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    When I feel that way i know it's my time for some holidays
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    Thank you All for the advice. Tonight I managed to force myself a bit and spend some time on the project 😊
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