I really need to get on a VPN... looking for recommendations. bonus points for affordable family plan so my girlfriend can use it too.
NordVPN? Private Internet Access? others?

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    Why exactly do you need a VPN? They give most people a false sense of anonymity. The VPN gateway could be logging all your traffic. You really don't know.

    If you really want a VPN you can trust, buy a VM in a GDPR country and just run your own. OpenVPN and strongSwan are both free and open source.
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    I set up my Pi to run openvpn and use dynamic DNS. I trust that more than any paid VPN service. I only really use it when I'm on public wifi which isnt too often...but works great (plus I have pihole).
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    @BobbyTables I want to stream region locked content online.
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    @mjones44 oooooh gotcha
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    PIA, always and forever PIA
    PiVPN for fun site project
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    Self-hosted, so you know there are no logs.
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    Mullvad! Can even pay on cash and they literally don't require any information from you.
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    @filthyranter doesn't allow me to watch region-locked content tho
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    @ScribeOfGoD yeah I ended up going with PIA, I really like it so far but I've only had it for a day so we'll see what's up
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    @filthyranter @djsumdog How can you trust you server provider then? They can keep and sell logs too. I think a good and trustworthy VPN provider is a better choice, because even if their server provider keeps logs, they don't know it is you. They only knows it is someone using VPN.

    Also I don’t think GDPR matters at all if government want to spy on you.
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    @lamka02sk yeah this is accurate imo. also PIA promises to keep no logs, ever.
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