creators vs gamers...

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    Not true, they have decent computer too. May be not 3 monitors but usually 2.

    Source: my boss worked 10 years at lucas art.
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    This is stupid, you need waayy powerful workstations to create stuff, playing then takes much less power. If nothing else just the art pipeline workstations are heavy af in general.

    I guess it would be true only for really small games.
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    True for indies. But big studios use powerfull computers, more powerfull than yours some time.
    That's why they aren't optimized for low specs... A very big issue
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    I develop my game on both my i7 rig and my T400 from 2008 with a core 2 duo, and also a Celeron n3150.
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    Not really always true though.
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    Yeah my set up is legit even if it is a little older. I make sure to have all the new toys.
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    @nik123 no? Indies can make the same quality as AAA and in this period probably better since AAA is a fucking joke now.
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    Oh, someone wrote my biography.
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