Me visiting a bar...

While going for a smoke...
Woman: Can I ask you a very impolite and downright rude question..?
*expects a Facebook hacking question*
Me (hesitant): .. sure, ask ahead...
Woman: I've never seen you here before. Who are you?
Me: *tells name*
(thinking) not what I expected! (:
Woman: So you're living mostly on the internet?
Me: yeah pretty much... 🤔
Woman: So I live here next to that lawyer...
Me: I don't know most of the area here, where's that?
Woman: Why don't you look it up, hmm? 😜

Quality pwnage!! 😆

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    Yeah, he's gonna get laid. 👻
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    Congrats in advance mate
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    @rutee07 What do you think a woman would expect in that regard? I'm not very familiar with women on that, but the current status quo is that I left her about an hour ago in that bar, and that it's currently 4:30AM in my country. Should I approach her again later or go to her now?
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    Too late to apologise, too laaaate! Sorry m8, you probably lost your window :(
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    @pullervo 😢
    Oh well, plenty of fish in the sea 🙃
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    On an unrelated note, the Yocto build I had to do for work actually booted!!! It's definitely my lucky day today 😀
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    @Condor yeah! That's the spirit!
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    @pullervo he lost window but he still have Linux. So I think he'll be fine. He just needs to git commit and Git push force to have a parent child relationship
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    @Condor I've never really approached a guy before but I'm sure she's interested either being friends, fucking, or whatever. I don't think you missed anything. You can meet her the next evening. At least you wouldn't look too eager now.
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    I agree ^
    Also, better chance of a deeper relationship and less chance of just ONS. Just next time you see her, start by asking her something cheesy like "can I ask a question? I've never seen you here before, who are you?" 😜
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    @Devnergy what the fuck man.
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    Oh and @Condor: best of luck 😊
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    @Devnergy --force is usually a bad idea though, especially when it's to master 🤔
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    Your build seems pretty small.
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    @Condor it is ok. You are the master, she's the slave. Master slave
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    Not that I am an expert in the field of women, just like all of us, they have their own unique expectations and experiences and the best way to approach them or any type of relationship with anyone, whether it be business or other, is to read their body language, their tone and respond accordingly.

    I would wait until you bump into her again and like @NoMad said, approach her and ask her a cheesy questions, a play off of what she initially approached you with.

    I find humour and having fun wins almost all hearts, I am not a very good looking person, but I have won over more than a few people by making them laugh and ensuring they are having fun. Usually when the fun ends and the serious part of the relationship starts is where I end as well. hehe. Thus, 99% of my past relationships have only been 1-2 months long, until my current one which has trapped me forever and will never leave, I much prefer the 1-2 month relationships.
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    Posted 3d ago.

    Shit I would have told you to run the hell back to her if I could travel back in time 😝
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    wait wait wait... she approached you first?!?
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    @SalsaBoy yes, that does happen, believe it or not
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    @Condor what's the update to this story? Seen here back? What's the progress?
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    @Devnergy I haven't seen her back, the bar I happened to visit has several bartenders, one of which I offended a while back (search for dihydrogen monoxide here on devRant and you'll probably find that particular rant). I checked again today on that café and it so happened that that particular bartender was over there again. So I walked back. Couldn't see the woman from back then either. I am going to check up there frequently and maybe go back there next week on Friday night like I did last week though. Hopefully then I'll be able to see her again...
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    Yeah i hate that too, go to strip club only to find out the girl you wanted to spend 500 on isn't working that day and no one will tell you her schedule because you might be a stalker.
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    @Condor: *This* happened with a lady.
    Male devs: "She wanna fuck dood, F"
    Female devs: "We gotchu fam"

    I love this thread.
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    @Condor what's the status of this project mate?
    Did you "git commit" to her yet?
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    @Devnergy almost. Almost...
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