i'm graduating uni and I have to say, my school sucks. they dont teach us how to be developers, they're teaching us how to be tools.

half the subjects could easily have descriptions like how to be employee of the month. I know social and management skills are important in the workplace but by god if I knew that that's the only thing they'll be teaching then I shouldnt have enrolled. for fuck's sake this is IT not HRM.

it doesnt help that most of the professors cant even code beyond printing statements and loops. they didnt even teach object-oriented programming. I had to study that shit myself, so mind you i'm probably not good at it.

though I've had my share of wonderful professors who have taught me so much, a handful of them isnt enough to salvage the incompetence of the whole faculty.

end rant.

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    Expecting that any school will teach you how to be a dev,is like thinking, that standing in a parking lot will make you a car...
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    @Ryuumaru point taken. bad analogy though. the purpose of a parking lot is to be a place where you can park a car. so to expect it to make you one is uncalled for. however, the purpose of a school and its teachers is to impart learning or at least point you in the right direction (references).

    but most of what I, and my classmates have learned are products of our own initiative to scour google and the courage to ask noob questions on stackoverflow.

    we've made apps without anyone teaching us (the tools and the language), so we have no idea if we're doing it the right way. it works, but we have no idea if it's right.
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    In any case, you've discovered that school is a waste of time. It's a discovery that all students in this field make sooner or later.
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    @kapalaran its all about the networking and contacts :)
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    @spongessuck true that. unfortunately, my country has a wide-spread discrimination against people who don't go to college. I have personally known some who found it hard to get promoted despite their skills and experience due to their lack of a degree.
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