Really curious:
After what amount of time after leaving your previous job, where you were deeply involved with client side infrastructure and deployment, would you expect the credentials to stop working / be changed ?

I should state that the credentials are not service accounts, but also not distinct for every dev / devops.

I might also add that the clients involved are courier services, service providers and ... Oh yeah ... A financial institution

Also everyone is based in the EU, so GDPR and all ...

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    I'd expect my access to everything revoked right away. That's what we did at my job, changed the passwords to all common accounts my coworker had access to after he quit as well as all his personal accounts.
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    Should be immediately upon terminating your business relationship.
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    What are you planning to do? ;D
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    I suggest see if you can access things. If so, find out who is responsible. Does the client know you shouldnt have access anymore? If not whose job was it to tell them?

    When I left a company who manages airports it was up to me to turn in my credentials. If I didnt do that I risked never being allowed on that airport anymore.
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    the accounts are still active, and are full admin accounts. I am sure I can still do everything. There were no new accounts added. They just didn't update the passwords (at least).

    and the clients know that i've left. some of them handle this sort of issue inhouse, and they should have already, for the other the company where i worked handled access and security.
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    nothing ... really nothing. I have no issues with any of the companies involved so i dont want to make trouble for any of them.

    i'll just stand back and be sad that they weren't as ... proffesional as i would have expected them to

    also, i did message a friend that still works there to handle the issue
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    should :))

    someone SHOULD tell them
    ( i did, i'm waiting, i'm hoping )
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