A colleague was doing configuration on a server and needed to restart the network card.

So he clicked disable it, just to notice that his remote session died ...

Now where can we get a cab?

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    Though I can't say I haven't done similar...
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    Seems like the windows-version of locking yourself out of your own server, because you didn't open SSH while configuring UFW.
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    Yeah a classic :-)

    Colleague was working from home remote on his dev machine, working remote on a client machine from there. Wanted to change the IP settings on the client machine, but mangled the remote sessions and made the changes on his dev machi...#NO CARRIER#
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    Having a server with iLO or equivalent can be a life saver.
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    Dyumn!! Thank god it's worst than me xD
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    @sbiewald we have that now =D
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    That's why you have ssh enabled on the backend... Possible to go through another machine to fix your mistakes.
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    @2Fdev2Ftcsh it was the backend network card. The frontend was up but there are no remote access there.

    All servers are in a DC not in the office. But we have a vpn to the internal backbone but it was the card to that backbone which went down :/
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