I'm Jarand. I'm a Developer.

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    lol, this sounds like Developers Anonymous.
    anyhow, welcome Jarand!
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    welcome to devRant jarand. what kind of developer are you?
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    Hello Jarand.
    Glad to see you're already in the stage where you admit your problem. This is progress.

    Don't worry, this is a safe place. We're all one big family and we're here to help you and each other.
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    Yeah welcome to devRant, and don't worry - being a developer happens even to the best of us.
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    Lol I should have done this when I made this account. Need my 10+
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    @ynnk Backend (Java) developer. I want to learn about some frontend frameworks in the future, but I prefer working backend.
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    Welcome. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry that someone brainwashed you and told you to become a developer because "there is a lot of money". Like they did it with me.
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    Hi Jarand, can you help me fix my computer?
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    Also, my printer does not work. Can you please fix it? 😂
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