Friday. 17:56. Time to go home.

> git add *
> git commit -m 'wip, feature almost done, need to test'
> git pu... [BIG FAT BSOD]

fuck it, I'm out

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    Shitty hardware and driver issues? Definitely not Windows' fault, it never is! 🙃
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    @Condor lxsys [or smth of sorts] in message suggesting wsl died. No idea how drivers or hw could be related 😁
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    @netikras but but.. it can't be Windows' fault! I never have issues with it, therefore it doesn't have issues at all! It can't possibly be that Windows is a steaming pile of shit that crashes seemingly at random, it can't possibly be!!! 😖

    There's a reason why I put most critical stuff in screen sessions when I'm working on remote servers from Windows 🙃
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    @Condor you know, you must be right. Since windows is the superior os it's not its fault it crashed. It must be the linux subsystem that did smth bad and meddled with windows and made it crash. BAD linux! BAD!
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    Is there a difference between 'git add *' and 'git add .'?
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    add * means add all files in the current directory, except for files, whose name begin with a dot. This is your shell functionality and Git only ever receives a list of files.

    add . has no special meaning in your shell, and thus Git adds the entire directory recursively, which is almost the same, but including files whose names begin with a dot.
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    @Commodore Oh ok, thanks
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    At least it’s commited.. imagine pc crash while still adding.. 😖
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    @netikras how is that any better?
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    @Commodore eh? How's what better?
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    @netikras ow my bad. I was replying to @pai-shinoda. No idea how I messed that up.
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    @Commodore cause you still have the commit locally.
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    All good until you want to work on something at home and you realise you haven't pushed the commit 🙃
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