My classmate had a really shitty computer and all of the sudden it crashed and holy shit she panicked so much because she was supposed to deliver an apparently really important task and shit and then she decided to buy a fucking macbook pro and she doesnt know shit about it. And now she is so cocky that she cant shut the fuck up abou tit

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    First of all: welcome to devRant!
    Fanboy/-girl-ism like that sure is annoying, I can totally relate.
    As a friendly heads-up: please be aware of what category you post in. :)
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    Never really understood whats with Mac OS and developers!! Using Mac OS for development myself and its just meh😪
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    @hrwx Try using Windows.
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    @hrwx I personally love it and prefer it waaaaaaaay more than windows.

    I’m a .NET developer too! I just find the overall OS a pleasure to use in comparison.
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    @cst1992 @Brolls Why did you not tell me to commit suicide even before thinking of Windows for coding..!! Is there no humanity left ??
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    @hrwx Just wanted to unspoil you a bit.
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    @hrwx haha. I mean use OSX! I use JetBrains’ Rider for .net core development and I love it.
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