The reason I liked Captain Marvel, is because it wasn't about defeating something or someone. It was about remembering who you are, picking yourself up, and moving forward with what you've always wanted to do.

This is a similar situation with most designers and developers.

If you watch it again, notice that she was always falling hard. From riding a bike to completing an obstacle course, she would try something and fail.

But she kept trying.

After losing sight of her goals by being distracted and derailed by someone else with another agenda - she was slowly reminded of them, and eventually remembered what she forgot.

Then, not only was she was able to what she originally set out to do - but, ended up doing them better than she ever expected.

If that's not a great story for boys and girls to grow up with - and, for adults to learn from (including some of my peers) - I honestly don't know what is.

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    I agree with you. I dont understand why everybodyelse is ranting about it, too boring, sucks, worst marvel movie..etc what do they expect?

    After watching it on the opening day, its the first marvel movie that makes me feel like watching a “human” story again, i saw friendship, i saw family, parenthood, trust, love, its about getting up after you fell down.. more humanity in this one. (Eventough it involves another races from other planets), but the “family” element is strong in this one. Its a good compliment to other marvel movies.. 😅

    Looking forward for Endgame soon!
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    @RantSomeWhere - It's not a spoiler, more of a semi-rant on story structure. If anything, it will encourage you to pay closer attention to the characters. I mean, Nick Fury as the owner of a disco club - and, dressing his bulldog in different colored dresses the entire movie - was far fetched... but still.
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