Roaming and browsing under mid-day Sun
It is running at 53°C

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    @rutee07 slow death, unfortunately
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    @rutee07 visit during winter, pretty pleasant then (or cold, if you ask us).
    Also hill stations are usually cold.
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    @iKameo @rutee07 it goes down to low single digits (Celsius) in Delhi. Yes we call that winter :p
    Also seen below zero a few times.

    It's a pretty large country with varied geography though, hill stations are much colder and coastal regions have fairly consistent warm and wet weather throughout the year.
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    @rutee07 it's funny how perception of temperature varies
    I visited Amsterdam a few years ago, went to a beach nearby just to see what it was like (Zandervoort or something, sorry to Dutch folks if I mangled the name)
    Absolutely miserable climate, there was a raw cold breeze coming from the sea and it was uncomfortable as fuck. This was in summer. And I had a heavy-ish jacket on.
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    Wow! I live in Rio and I never saw this message!
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    @rutee07 @RememberMe I love the feeling of cold, damp air. I don't think I could survive in India or anywhere that hot, especially if it was humid, too.
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    @Root hmm, I don't think we have any cold coastal areas (because tropical coasts). Oh well.

    Random aside: I've often wondered how people lived and worked in places like Scapa Flow or Murmansk or Archangel (especially during the war). I read a book by Alistair MacLean (HMS Ulysses) on a fictional WW2 Arctic convoy and the descriptions of cold were absolutely crazy (of course I don't think you meant Arctic weather, just putting this here). Yes, war necessities, but then there are also deep sea fishermen and people who live and work in those areas now who also face that kind of cold. I think I'd like to travel to some of these places and experience that for myself someday.

    @rutee07 ah, I think I get what you mean, I would classify that as a "fresh and bracing" sort of climate. I like those. I live in an extremely polluted city and it's definitely not fun, would love to move to a fresher area.
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    @RememberMe After living in the cold for awhile, you grow acclimated to it; it no longer feels as cold. Heat, though, feels much worse.

    Also: yes, fresh air is a must!
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    @brunofontes maybe the phone I'm using (Infinix which has its customized ROM) has a specific warning like this
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    @Root you're right about cold acclimatisation, I guess, definitely noticed that myself.

    @rutee07 have you seen a movie called the Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Seen from a movie critic's point of view it's rather terrible except for maybe the cinematography, but the movie has a ton of heart and a lot to offer if you're willing to take what it's trying to tell you (also multiple references to David Bowie's Space Oddity, one of my favourite songs). It's what got me thinking about traveling and stuff, I think I'll actually do it someday when I have the resources.
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    @rutee07 Travelling alone sounds really nice actually, I think I would end up doing that too.

    Need to gather resources first, yeah. I still have at least two years of academics left but after that will be working and storing up at least partly for this stuff, I think. Actually it's really nice to have this to look forward to.

    I've heard great things about Bali, we were actually planning to go there at one point but that got shelved. If possible let me know what you thought of the place after you've visited!
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    You don't 'snooze' heat.
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