I started a quest to learn a new keyboard layout. And of course the twist thing that pops up is dvorak.

Dvorak has a lot of mixed reviews though so after some more research I learned about Colemak.

For the past week I've been practicing a little each day on my computer and I switched my phone to Colemak.

But I'm doing pretty good I think for just a week. Wish me luck dev family.

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    I practiced Dvorak several years back. The reason I never stuck to it was that I couldn't get use to the new cut/copy/paste shortcut positions.
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    @BobbyTables Colemak doesn't change those shortcuts thankfully
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    Good luck.

    I tried Dvorak in last year, even changed the caps in a wireless keyboard I had bought. Dropped it because I would need to have Dvorak everywhere
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    Learning Programmer‘s Dvorak right now. Copy and paste seem a little odd, but I mostly use Vim commands (y, p) anyway.

    By the way, I don’t think switching your keyboard layout on your phone is a wise idea. A lot of finger travel and having the keys further away from each other is somewhat useful on a small keyboard, at least from my experience (ymmv)
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