What's your favorite book format digital, hardcover, or calendar?

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    Calendar ofc, so I can also check what date it is today, two birds with a stone
  • 2
    Whaaaaaat........ 😲
  • 3
  • 3
    I prefer some of a half potato
  • 4
    Depends, kindle for thinks I will read once.
    Hardcover for the cool stuff.

    Never calendar, fuck calendar.
  • 8
    Hello? Yes. I would like the stone tablet version of the holy bible delivered by drone to the specified address. Just drop it on the very expensive car, it's a gift for my boss. Cool, thanks.
  • 3
    Hard cover, but I’ll accept a PDF if I’m just using the book as reference and not learning something new.
  • 2
    If its a physical book, I really like them in ring binders, makes it so much easier to read them with the pages flat.

    Otherwise it requires me to stick them in a vice, saw the spine off and drill holes in them to fit them in a binder..
  • 2
    I prefer content written on human skin in ring binders.
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