Following are the only real problems I had with my XFCE Manjaro (I guess essentially XFCE problems). My question is, is it just me?

Touchpad problems:
The synaptics deprecation kinda f'ed me up.
I tried sticking to synaptics, but I had an issue where if I connected a usb mouse the touchpad would sometimes stop working (it's deprecated after all).

So I switched to libinput. The default movement feels good (synap felt kinda slippery)... but then... NO COASTING/KINETIC SCROLLING in a lot of apps? WTF?!
Would kinetic scrolling work in general if I switched to a wayland based DE?

The alt tab has a delay:
you would expect one of the most lightweight DEs to have near instant switching. But no, I have like almost full second delay, and for the life of me I can't find the way to customize it.

Thr battery management is kinda stupid. Even though I set the thing to hibernate or sleep in low battery it never does.

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