Can anyone suggest the best resources to learn Dapp development.

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    First of all welcome to devRant.
    Secondly, this isn't a rant so probably would fit better in the "Question" category (you choose a category for your post when you start a new post).

    About the question itself: @ceee
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    @RememberMe thanks for guiding
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    @NitinSahu Hey !
    Firstly you should check out solidity, it's syntax and basic working, refer to the documentation or any other website you find comfortable.
    There are a lot of blogs on medium about dapps e.g. this one is pretty nice https://medium.com/@mvmurthy/...
    It is for a voting dapp.
    Go through a few of these, that'll give you a decent idea.
    Don't go for the videos, I think they're a waste of time.
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    @ceee Thanks a lot!!!!
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